The best vape tank in the UK - SMOK Mini V2

Vaping is the new cool in town, and in the UK it is all the rage, people are more attracted to vaping than ever. People love to use vaping as a great pastime, and now people are more concerned about the best vaping devices, including best vape tanks the UK. Now people want to find the best vape tank in the UK, so they can enjoy their favourite time at home and don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy vaping. We are here to help you know the critical feature of SMOK Mini V2, which is the best vape tank in the UK.

SMOK Mini V2 Review

SMOK Mini V2

SMOK Mini V2 is an upgraded version of the TFV Mini V2 tank. It is an improved and better version in every way. It has a ‘V’ carved onto both of the top cap and tank base which gives it a stylish look. It also comes with two powerful new coils Mini V2 A1 and Mini V2 A2 to produce thick vapor and better flavour. It has three airflow slots which bring more air and a lager filling slot so you can refill it rather quickly.


SMOK Mini V2 has the following main features.

o It has a patented locking button which allows you to open the cap by only pressing then moving it counterclockwise. It is a convenient design which avoids accidental opening of the top hat and consequently avoiding the leaking of e-juice.

o It has two coil options as A1 is with a large hearting area which offers you a fast quick heath process and better taste. While A2 has dual and triple mesh structures inside that produce huge vapour by bringing more airflow.

o The design of SMOK Mini V2 makes the filling slot look cleaner and also it does not allow leaking of e-liquid as well.

o It has three airflow slots which are enlarged so more air can be brought in.

SMOK Mini V2


SMOK Mini V2 comes with the following specifications.

i. It comes with the dimensions 25.5mm by 55mm.

ii. It has a capacity of 2ml, which is sufficient.

iii. It has a resistance of mini V2 A1 0.17-ohm for Single Mesh Coil during mini V2 A2 0.2-ohm Dual Mesh Coil.

iv. Its body is made up of stainless steel, and the tank is made of Pyrex Glass with 510 thread.

v. It has a patented locking mechanism.

vi. It also contains antibacterial medical cotton with leak-proof, top refill system.

vii. It has new mini V2 coils A1 and A2.

viii. It has better airflow system than many of its counterparts.


Following items and materials are included in the package of SMOK Mini V2, which is the best vape tank in the UK.

i. SMOK Mini V2 comes with 1 TFV Mini V2 tank.

ii. The package also includes a 2 x A - Series Coils

iii. One spare part pack

iv. A user manual is also part of the package to make help you understand the system.


  1. Can I use any tank on any vape?

Yes and no. You can put pretty much any 510 threaded atomizer onto any 510 threaded mod but it won’t always work.

  1. How long do vape tanks last?

On average, a decently constructed coil for a sub-ohm tank should last you about a week. If you do not vape throughout the day, then your coils are likely to last twice as long.

  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape tanks in the UK?

NewVaping is the leading vape store in the UK. They offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.